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SANABIC GENERAL TRADING .. SANABIC is introduced as successful leading GENERAL TRADING based in Dubai UAE for Promotion & advertisement, wholesale & distribution, Tourism & Travels, Real Estate, Import, Export & Re-export all type of product from all over the world.
SANABIC The selected group of experienced staff that enables to offer quick & efficient service advanced Management & Administration System. Scientific & flexible business ways,
Professional services that leads to the successful long term business relations with
Customers, suppliers & manufactures.

Sanabic Auctions

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We have a lot of Islamic items such as Nedda Prayer clock , Al Qasaq Prayer clock , Quran Holder , Ihram , Its combatable for local timing in UAE and GCC We get approve for Nedda Prayer clock from Islamic affairs in UAE , KSA , and Qarer , however its now coverage all most Masjed in UAE and GCC , Gasaq Prayer Clock have too many future which give more reliability for it . We have some enhance Ihram with approval from Iftaa in K.S.A. Also we have some new design for Quran Holder that give more flexibility for it .

Sanabic Tours
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See an interactive Dubai Map at : Dubai Map

Sanabic Exhibition and Confluence
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Welcome to Sanabic Exhibition and Confluence, More details will be available as soon as possible.

SANABIC believes that the above introduction meets your requirement Please contact now SERVING BETTER IS OUR MOTTO

Import, Export & Re-export. UAE, KSA, Qatar

All promotional and gift items, electric & electronics, household & sundries, bags, clock & Watches, calculators, hair dryer & hair brushes, cameras, telephones, mobile & computer Accessories, cosmetics and more...

Distribution & Wholesale. Bahrain, Egypt, Pakistan, India
Promotions & Advertisement. Honk Kong, Taiwan, Korea
Real Estate, Tour & Travels. . Malaysia, Belgium and USA.